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The Rabbit hole goes deep.

Why am I seeing this?

Rabbitique is still under development. It is going to be here soon!

Rabbitique is a multilingual dictionary or rather a multilingual knowledge graph. Or, let us say a glossarium. It can search for a word in any written language and show in a coherent and organised manner a world of knowledge about it and its relatives.

Its main aim is not to show us inter-language translations, although it does it as a footnote, but rather to show the origin and meaning of the word, identify its family members set, and show its position in the universe of words. Ultimately, the goal is to map each word to one of the few fundamental concepts that humans have ever conceived.

In the meanwhile...API

For product owners and developers out there, Rabbitique already has its Glossarium API ready (available at Mashape and RapidAPI). It provides a word information layout particularly suitable for Artifical Intelligence intensive applications.